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The Modern-Day Custodian of an Iconic Fashion Legacy- kaftan dressing gown for beach wedding

As a little girl, Laudomia Pucci lived above her father's clothes shop, but this was no ordinary shop. It marked the beginnings of the renowned Pucci label, designed by her father, Emilio Pucci, an a

ristocrat whose clientele included movie stars and privileged contemporaries of the 1950s. Fast forward to today, and Laudomia is the image director of the family business, with the Pucci label now in the hands of designer Matthew Williamson.

The Pucci brand is currently in a celebratory mood as it commemorates its 60th birthday. Recently, a lavish birthday party was held at the family's ancestral home in Florence, attended by stars like Kylie Minogue, Liz Hurley, and Italian aristocrats. This star-studded event reflects both the label's original jet-set heritage and its enduring popularity among celebrities today. The legend goes that even Marilyn Monroe was buried in her favorite silk jersey Pucci dress, a true testament to the brand's influence.

Back in 1947, Emilio Pucci, also known as the Marchese di Barsento, faced a dilemma between pursuing a career in sports or politics. However, a fateful encounter with legendary fashion editor Diana Vreeland changed everything. After designing a chic ski outfit for a friend, his creations caught the eye of the fashion world, leading him to open his first boutique in Capri in 1949. From there, the Pucci prints and designs gained immense popularity, attracting stylish icons like Jackie Kennedy, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, and more.

Now, Matthew Williamson faces the challenge of evolving the label while honoring its rich heritage. He has embraced the task with confidence, relying less on archive prints and creating his own signature designs. Laudomia is convinced that her father would appreciate the modernity that Williamson brings to the brand.

Looking forward, Laudomia aims to expand the label's presence in emerging markets like India and China, focusing on doing what Pucci does best. With Williamson's fresh designs and a new generation of Pucci enthusiasts, the label continues to evolve, staying true to its roots while embracing the spirit of today. As an great inspiration looks back from Pucci, Museodesigns is just a tiny brand humble based on for its own designs and much more focus on the affordable price to all women who may look for alternative choices ,our collection pays homage to the rich heritage of Emilio Pucci's designs, offering a contemporary and vibrant twist that celebrates the beauty of colors and patterns. Step into our store and immerse yourself in a world of chic and elegant kaftans, where each piece is a wearable masterpiece, crafted to make you feel like a true work of art. Experience the allure of timeless style and the joy of wearing a unique creation that echoes the spirit of Pucci, exclusively at Museo Design Kaftans. Unleash your inner muse and let your fashion journey begin with our best print for the kaftan dressing gown for beach wedding . Visit our current collection for more choice


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